TS Foundation

As part of our vision to transform the lives of the Somali people, Transparency Solutions established the Transparency Foundation, which aims to fund, manage and encourage projects and partnerships with the local community. We recognise that we must do this one step at a time but we are determined to think and act with the greatest ambition.


Current work includes the building of a women-only sports and well-being centre, which aims to address the extreme shortage of public spaces for Somali women in which they can exercise, learn about healthy living and well-being and interact with other women of their own age. We have also led the establishment of a school in Hargeisa, raising $700,000 dollars to build it. The school offers a hybrid international/Somali education to fee-paying children from families able to pay and which provides scholarships to local children from under-represented and economically deprived families. In conjunction with this work, we established the ‘Child Dreams’ project, aiming to provide full sponsorship of children of primary school age to attend school.